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Tanach - Also called Tanakh, Mikra, Hebrew Bible, and the Old Testament.

jews - A race claiming descent from Judah.

judaism - A religion that supports jews.

judaist - A follower of judaism.

Talmudic/rabbinic judaism - A form of judaism based on the Talmud.  This is mainstream judaism today.

karaism - A religion based on the Tanach.

karaite - A follower of karaism.

karaite judaism - A religion that combines karaism and judaism, so follows the Tanach and supports jews.

karaite judaist - A follower of karaite judaism.

karaite non-judaist - A karaite who rejects judaism.  In other words, follows the Tanach and doesn't think that God is racist.

This forum is for karaites.  I am a karaite non-judaist jew.